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Global Studies PAship

Contact Information: apip@global.wisc.edu or search@bascom.wisc.edu

Website: apip.global.wisc.edu


The Arabic Persian and Turkish Immersion Program (APIP) is an eight week intensive language program offered each summer on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Funding for APIP is contributed by several university based programs in the United States, including Global Studies at UW-Madison, that receive funding from the US Department of Education Title VI program.  APIP is governed by the UW-Madison management team which includes the Director and Associate Director of Global Studies.  The management team oversees the activities of approximately 8 instructors and 50 graduate and undergraduate students.  This position is available immediately for the rest of the school year at 50-75% and 100% over the summer, with possible renewal for the 2010-11 academic year.
40% - Responsible for all Student Processes
• Market strategies to increase student enrollments in APIP.  Write marketing material for print and web to maximize information delivery.  Establish and maintain contacts with targeted advisors in international programs throughout the nation.
• Maintain and develop website page including accessibility.
• Maintain relationships with appropriate advisors in APIP member programs and actively pursue their assistance in student recruitment.
• Design electronic forms. Write instructions. Supervise clerical personnel in managing student applications processes.
• Provide students with detailed information about the structure of APIP language classes, e.g. level-appropriate content expectations, general information on teaching materials, typical out-of-class assignments, and the components used for grading.  Field all administrative and financial questions from participants.
• Coordinate student application process for summer FLAS awards that related to APIP. Advise students on criteria for awards and progress of applications.  Coordinate the review process with a representative from each member program.
• Coordinate with TACS, the Office of Special Students, the Registrar’s Office, the Bursar’s Office, and campus housing as needed, to develop processes regarding students.
30% - Advise Students in the Program
• Develop orientation materials for students regarding enrollment, attendance, grades, grievances, transc-ripts, scholarships/fellowships, and harassment.  Write and present materials for student orientations.
• Solicit instructional materials from instructors.
• Advise students regarding enrollment, instructional grievances, gender grievances, sexual harassment, or grade discrepancies.  Investigate problems as needed and provide resolution or serve as liaison to the appropriate UW-Madison office.
• Write and analyze student course evaluations.
15% - Coordinate Activities Regarding Instructors
• Coordinate instructor hiring by drafting text to recruit, prepare position vacancy listing and required documents.
•Coordinate application processes for hiring instructors.
•Serve as contact for potential applicants.
•Advise hiring committee, especially with regard to returning instructors.
•In consultation with the Director and Associate Director, design a process for instructors to annually evaluate the program.  Analyze the data and write report for review.
• Prepare and provide orientation to instructors regarding employment, services, and facilities.  Write an instructors’ manual for distribution.
10% - APIP Program Administration
• Prepare budgets and reports related to the operation of APIP.  Monitor and interpret budget expenditures and make recommendations.
•Oversee processing of all payments as they relate to the program to ensure prompt and accurate payments.
•Prepare site for instruction, including technology setup, meal arrangements, and excursion details. Act as liaison with all service providers as they relate to the APIP program.
5% - Other duties as assigned.
Applicants should send a cover letter expressing interest in the position, resume and names and contact information of two references to:  APIP Search and Screen Committee, 326 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI  53706 or search@bascom.wisc.edu by 4 p.m. on the deadline date.



February 2017



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