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Hi all, I am starting a job at the university and need to set up a bank account for direct deposit - I used to use Bank of America, but since there are no branch offices (or even B of A ATMs) anywhere nearby (the closest one is 70 miles away, according to their website, though there's a home loan office in town)..

Does anyone have any recommendations for a bank in Madison?



Hi, thanks for your response :-) So, why do you love that bank so much? The people on yahoo! didn't have such great things to say..


(one person complains about the overdraft fee of $5, but honestly, that's pretty good for a bank.. B of A charges $35, and doesn't transfer the money from your account for you - and they continue to charge $35/day until it's done)

Re: Why UWCU?

ok! sweet :-) thanks for your thoughts!

> and, honestly, anything has got to be better than bank of america!

I heard that @-@
I also really like the UW credit union.

UWCU - por que?

Thank you ~ :-) Why do you really like it? I linked the yahoo! reviews I found using google - they weren't so hot about it.

UWCU did target me at my home address, in Boston, before I moved here, though. I thought that was industrious and slightly creepy.. ~

Re: UWCU - por que?

I really like their online banking. I kept my bank account at home when I moved here and it is really easy to transfer money from there to my UWCU account(once it's set up, it's just like transferring from one of my other local accounts). They also had the best short term cd rates (back when interest rates were higher). I also have my credit card through them which I can manage through the online banking and have set to pay automatically. There is also a place to fill in your travel plans so that you don't trigger the system for stolen cards.

I've never had any problems. No charges for overdrafts the couple times I've had accidents. I have enough services to have the free checking (and some of the services include things like online statements instead of paper statements). Their ATMs don't charge any service fees. Their tellers have always been helpful when I've wanted to set up new accounts.

The mailing does sound vaguely creepy. I don't remember them doing that when I moved here, but that's been a long time ago now. There is a setting in MyUW for whether the university can give out your address to advertisers.

Fun story: I moved here from DC. Opened my bank account with UWCU. If you sign up for enough services, which I'm not sure why people wouldn't do, you get free checks. My checks came in the mail, but they charged me for them. Being from the East coast, I went into the branch expecting a fight. Calmly explained what happened, the teller asked me to hold on a minute and walked away. I was expecting to have to argue. But she came back a minute later and said "Ok, it's fixed. They money is credited back to your account. Sorry about the mix up." And she was *nice*. That simple interaction made me a big fan from day one.

Other reasons: there are numerous ATMs around (student union, State St, Capitol Square, near Camp Randall, West side, etc). As someone else said, their online banking is easy to use. You can also pay bills through it for free (and it is how I pay my MG&E bill).
I've only had to use overdraft once or twice, and the money was simply taken out of my savings account. Other than that, I have no clue how it works, because I *do* manage my money well always have back up funds in my UWCU savings account for when I make stupid math errors (which is what happened with my two overdrafts).

In 13 years of having a checking account, this is by far the best bank I've banked with and I will likely stay with them as long as I can. Plus I *love* that my money isn't funding some bigwigs personal bank account!
Awesome! That was really helpful. Thanks so much ~
Also voting for UWCU, primarily for their online banking services.
Thank you for your response ^_^
When I lived in Boston I went to Wainwright because that was considered a friendly, hippie, small bank. But so far UWCU has been even friendlier than Wainwright! Love online bill pay and plentiful ATMs!
alright, then, it's settled :-) Thanks ~

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