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PA on interdisciplinarity at UW

PA for research project on interdisciplinarity (apply by 9/14)

Terms: 20 hrs/wk, including health benefits and tuition remission.

Period of employment: starting  September 21 and continuing through the end of the fall semester, with the possibility of extension through June 30, 2011.

Position description: We are looking for a half-time project assistant for a wide-ranging research project focused on the nature and evolution of interdisciplinary science at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The assistant will work on many different aspects of the project, including but not limited to: (1) creating a historical archive, (2) conducting interviews, (3) observing public outreach events, (4) preparing grants. The assistant will also be expected to attend and contribute to regular project meetings.

Qualifications: This position requires considerable initiative, as well as the inclination and capacity to work on complex tasks with limited guidance. For instance, we might ask you to create a user-friendly index for a large batch of documents or pull together a summary of popular media reports. Although we’ll give you goals and deadlines, you must be able to structure your own time and ask for help when you need it.

This position requires also requires tact, organization and follow-through. After an initial training period, you’ll be setting up and conducting interviews with a wide range of people. We don’t expect you to be a perfect interviewer at the outset, but we do expect you to demonstrate consistent professionalism and work to develop your interviewing skills.

We will be looking for candidates who have experience with social science research methods such as interviewing, ethnographic observation, social network analysis and coding of qualitative data—although we would also encourage less experienced candidates who have a particularly strong interested in the subject matter to apply. A background in one of the many fields that contribute to the social study of science, technology and medicine would also be useful.

For a proactive, self-motivated student assistant, this position offers a solid opportunity to gain research experience at many levels, including data gathering, data analysis and potentially making creative contributions to our evolving research agenda. We expect that most qualified applicants will be doctoral students.

To apply: PRIOR TO September 14, send a copy of your CV and a brief letter describing your academic program, research interests and relevant experience to nfeinstein@wisc.edu



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